Podcasting – Defining A Destination

Fred owns a small comedy label. He knows many comedians are looking for a place to have their work heard, but he can’t take everyone on as a client. Two years ago he made the decision to develop a comedy podcast that pays very special attention to a specific type of clean, family oriented comedy. If you spend much time at Fred’s site you begin to catch a glimpse of his love for this brand of comedy. Everything about his site celebrates clean comedy. His background in broadcasting was key to his interest in developing the weekly podcast. The response from listeners is what encourages him to continue his web based weekly podcast. However, Fred also has a few business ventures that gain benefit from the growing fans of his podcast. His online shop features products he has produced for comedians, but it also features the work of other comedians. Customers like the variety of clean comedy in one location and Fred is happy with the growing number of online sales that result in direct and residual income. Fred is also a video producer so you can find links to his other businesses on the popular podcasting site. This is one site owner who has maximized the possibilities of online business by using a podcast. This site provides a creative outlet for a guy who has many interests, yet wants to derive income from his creative endeavors. What does this mean for other online business owners? Do everything you can to make your online presence a destination, not a mistake. What I mean by that can best be explained by a story we all know too well. How many times have husbands and wives played a game of mealtime teeter totter by saying, “I don’t know what I want to eat, What do you want” The other responds, “I don’t know, what do you want to eat.” This battle can go on and on until they simply settle for the restaurant of least resistance. What this simple story illustrates is that far too often consumers aren’t excited enough about any choice to make a firm decision. As an online business owner you have an opportunity to make your site a ‘destination, not a mistake.” Make your site something consumers are motivated to visit, make it fun, comprehensive and better than it has to be. Perhaps, like Fred, this could include the use of a podcast that may be tied to affiliate revenue programs, product use or audio from an expert in the field. Podcasts do not have to be the result of vast broadcasting experience. In fact, the only limit to the possibilities in podcasting is your own sense of creativity.

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