Submit Your Article To Article Directories-Banks: Dos Don’ts

The most targeted website traffic will come from article marketing, which means submitting articles to article directories-Banks. Although it is a timeworn expression, it has been confirmed countless times since many internet marketers rely their website promotion on article marketing. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it may seem. Only few false actions could lead the internet marketer’s article marketing campaign to failure or at least to ineffectiveness. That happens because that relatively new online marketing method do has some rules. If the marketer does not comply with them, poor results will be the outcome. • Follow the directory rules. Although it is tempting to buy a script that submits automatically to article directories, that solution should be avoided. Every article directory publisher has some guidelines and rules that following them to the point is a requirement for accepting the submission. • Choose the right category. It seems simple but many people pass it over. The right thematic category where the article should be included has to be chosen carefully not only because of the danger of rejection but also because of the marketing potential, the article will have. The right category means targeted people reading the article, which leads to the conclusion that the information might be interesting and consequently search for more by visiting the writer’s website. • Be careful with PLR (Private Label Articles). That’s another one temptation. Why bother writing, since thousands of PLR articles are out there and some of them free? If only it was so simple. Someone else has already submitted the PLR articles before. Therefore, the publisher will reject the resubmitted article. After all, with the advanced anti-copy software that exists in the market it is only a few seconds task to locate the duplicate article. • Avoid Affiliate Links Article marketing is a profitable internet marketing technique but not in such way. The “quick buck” tactic is so unprofessional that it is certain it will lead to opposite results. Displaying affiliate links in the article’s text means that writer is a novice and does not know the internet-marketing trend and the reader will be discouraged about reading more. Moreover, many authoritative article banks do not allow affiliate links in the articles and some not even in the resource box. A great example is • Keyword Density is important but proceed with caution. Keyword Density is the procedure of selecting the right keywords included in the article, aiming to better search engine ranking according to the article’s primary keyword, which eventually leads to more website traffic and sales. The safe ratio for keyword density of the submitted article is the percentage 10%. That means the keywords the writer will use should not overcome the 10% of the overall text. If there is over optimizing search engines will trace it and don’t rank it well (or even at all) and so the whole article marketing strategy will go in vain. • Submit to all of them? No way. You have a marketing article and you submit it to a self-improvement directory hoping that they will list it? I t will not happen. The reason is simple. The readers are not targeted and they are not interested in the specific niece. The publisher already knows that and won’t even deal with the article at all. All this is a time consuming process leading to nowhere. The submissions should only take place to relevant article directories-Banks. • Use short paragraphs. Do not get beyond the 5-6 lines in every paragraph. It becomes too tiring for the reader the long passages and it will be discouraging for them to continue reading. Short paragraphs will maximize the readership of the article and eventually more clicks to the recourse’s box links. • Sub headings are necessary. Sub headings create a more appealing structure for the article. Actually, they take the readers by the head and help them to scan the article on its entirety. If the subheadings are interesting, the readers will stay and keep reading, if not they will leave.

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