Protect Corporate Identity On Different Search Engines

Most companies would go to greater lengths for establishing their corporate identities. Companies would go through advertising campaigns, marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, search engine positioning, and many other ways to ascertain their corporate identity. In this process of ascertaining the corporate identity, companies may end up doing things that someone somewhere might not like. There are many examples which go on to show that the firms, which have been successful in getting good Google rankings, have been discredited by the not so successful firms. These attacks have mostly been restricted to different types of media formats that have limited audience. But things are changing rapidly. Today if someone has a little bit of technical knowledge and a computer then they can attack your corporate identity successfully and publicly. The question is how can you fight this menace? The first thing to do is identify certain bad elements and the ways through which your corporate identity will be harmed. If your company has had unsatisfied employees and customers then there is a possibility that they will put negative information regarding the company on websites that show up in the top results on Google. This can have a drastic or negative impact on website traffic. You need to identify this problem in advance and tackle it by ensuring that there is a lot of good information about your company on the Internet that search engines can bring out. This is just a start. Content One of the single most effective solutions is publishing good content in the form of articles. You can publish the articles on different web sites or e-zines and this will build a positive corporate identity for your company. There are many free article submission directories and magazines where you can showcase your articles. The higher the number of articles, the more positive impact you will create over the Internet. These articles are an excellent form of advertising. If a potential client reads through your article then he/she will get to know about your expertise, your promises and also get information about your company and the services or products without visiting the company website. There are thousands of article submission sites but you need to find the ones, which have a high ranking. You need to also emphasize on the primary keyword and secondary keyword phrases in your articles and keep the target audience in mind. Yu should ideally use specific phrases to search for the right article submission sites and some of the phrases are: • Submit SEO articles • SEO articles submit • Search engine optimization articles submit • Search engine positioning articles submit • Internet marketing articles submit • Business articles submit One of the important questions that will arise is how many articles and what should be the length of these articles. Of course you can’t go overboard and put 100 articles but yes a good number could be 10-15 articles a month. As for the length of the articles, it can vary but a good number can be from 300-700 words. Remember, that these articles should be keyword rich. Once you have completed the submission of articles, you should set up a Google WebAlert. You can sign up for an account to manage the alerts as and when they come. You can create a WebAlert for a particular article title using quotes like “the article title”. This will serve a dual purpose. Firstly, you will get an alert regarding the publishing of your articles and secondly, this will provide protection to you from various copyright infringements. If someone tries to steal your article then you will immediately receive an alert. This will play an important role in reducing the threat to article theft and at the same time, your corporate identity will be secure. Another important medium of creating corporate identity is through press releases. If your company is launching a new product or service or just about any new advancement or upgrade in the company then you can send out a press release. The press release is considered as one of the best marketing and positioning tactics from the point of view of ROI. More number of press releases will create credibility for your company and strengthen the corporate identity. PRWeb is one such website where you can send your press releases and they can submit it to 100,000 contacts at a nominal fee. These are some of the methods that will help you to protect your corporate identity even if someone decided to play a bad joke or tries to discredit you.

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