Why Use Directory Submissions

Directory submissions are an important way to make website links popular and to get top ranking in search engine result pages. You can find many directories on the internet, everything from general to specific that have their own link submission process. Before doing your directory submissions it is important that you have appropriate key phrases and rich text that can accurately describe your website. Then you can select the right category for your website and submit it. While directory submissions will require some extra work to optimize your page they are well worth your patience. For the little extra effort you put into directory submissions you will improve your search engine ranking. Directory submissions is a concept that has grown in popularity and in recent years has becoming really important. If you have a website you are constantly looking to increase the amount of traffic that it receives and the website submission rank with search engines. To calculate where a website appears based on certain keywords a search engine will use a formula. One of the factors that determines the websites ranking is the number of back links on the website. Basically a back link is links given to the website owner by directory submissions. These are any link that comes from another website to the owner’s website. You can find hundreds of back links even on a small website. There are many ways to attain back links, but the easiest way you can get them is through directory submissions. These back links will then help drive traffic to your website and improve your status in the search engines. Best of all directory submissions are easy to use and free. Although there are paid options available for submitting, the free services work just as well. The only main difference is that the paid options will allow for the benefits of better placement which means more click-through visitors from the directory to your website. Both the free and paid directory submissions have the advantage of offering the owners the ability to increase their number of back links. Tips For Submitting To Website Directories When you are adding your website to directory submissions there are a few tips that can help you improve your chances of getting your website seen by more people. Namely you need to submit your link to the right category that is specifically related to your website and its purpose. The category should be related to your business and industry, but since there are many options available you need to pick the one that is as close to your business purpose as possible. Just keep in mind that if you are not paying for you directory submissions then your link will have less priority over the paid listings. The directory owner will give first preference to those that are paid members when it comes to the per data available for a certain search. However, there is the chance that you can get a good listing in the search results with a free service especially if there are no paid members for a particular search. Then there is the patience aspect since some directory submissions can take up to several months to get into the search engine. The total time it takes will depend on the search engine or the directory that you are submitting to. Some search engines may index a sight right away while others can take a week or longer. It is important that you keep a log of all your submission details for a specific website. Write down the name of the directory you submit to and the date of web submission. This way you won’t waste your time submitting to the same directory more than once. Then when you find your link listed in the directory you can check it off your log and move on to the next directory submission.

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