Resources For Creating Traffic

What is the reason you’re writing the article? The point is to get visitors and traffic to your website. The only place you can provide a pathway to your website is within your articles resource box. So you need to write one that will get a click. One way to do that is to give the reader a reason to click. Maybe you just wrote a Pulitzer prize winning article on stock car racing, but you need more than a URL in the resource box to get them to continue to your website. Readers need a reason so give them one. Tease them with additional articles or tools, such as “For 10 Things You Must Know About…” You can offer visitors free gifts. That word free is still an attention grabber so offer a free link, free report, newsletter or list of something. It does not matter to the reader how great and wonderful you are so don’t brag about your accomplishments. Just keep your comments about yourself to a minimum with a hook. Something like Jim Doe won 2006 Realtor of the Year. Learn how he did it at…. Use the resource box to link to a useful piece of information or resource on your site. It does not have to go to the front page. If you land the reader in a place where can find what they are looking for and search around from there they tend to stay longer. Link to what is most relevant to the topic the reader expects to find. Linking to pages within your website also allows you to optimize the pages with the links. The anchor text should relate to the contents of the landing page. This will help in ranking your website for various terms within your niche. For example if you have a website dealing with sports fishing and a page devoted to bass. By linking with a bass fishing anchor text to an interior page of your site that deals with bass fishing, it will help the search engines to recognize the various topics your website covers. Plus improve search engine results for those broadened terms. Directory submissions also assist in targeting keyword traffic. Understand that articles will only bring you traffic if you provoke an interest in the reader to click. The links will help improve search engine results to get you noticed for those keywords and topics. So keep both of these factors in mind when writing your own resource box.

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