Reality Podcasting

The development of a podcast is a very personal journey. Within the confines of a podcast you can express yourself through music, storytelling or by sharing information or drama. More and more hobbyists are exploring the world of podcasting and developing mp3 downloads for others to enjoy. Software to develop an mp3 podcast is available in a variety of cost variables. It is possible to find a shareware program or you can pay hundreds of dollars for full editing software. You don’t even need a professional studio. Microphones are available that can be plugged into a USB port and are less expensive end easier to use than other alternatives. In traditional broadcasting a soundboard, mixer and processor were required in a sound proofed room. Home kits are available if you want to recreate a more sound proof alternative, but in many ways audio consumers seem more forgiving as to the audio quality if they feel the audio content is worth listening to. The truth is some of the more candid podcasts are finding a significant following. Perhaps the success of these podcasts is a direct reflection of Reality TV. The fame of unscripted ideas is a novel departure from more scripted shows that may sound more like traditional radio. Either way there seems to be a growing fan base for podcasts. The use of Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds make it possible for the end user to simply subscribe and listen to the download on their terms. The RSS feed brings the podcast directly to a download site for the end user. They don’t have to go looking for it; they just have to listen in when they have time. The marketing aspects of podcasting are tremendous and the use of RSS is a sizable benefit for both the audio consumer as well as the podcast creator. Podcasts can be informative and may take weekly industry news, original content or even a phone interview and make information available to your consumers in a way that is directly aimed at a portable lifestyle. These podcasts can be downloaded and sent a portable mp3 player for listening on the go. Podcasts are listened to while these audio consumers are working out in the gym, on a subway ride on the morning commute or simply on an evening walk. Perhaps the best part about podcasting is that the end result doesn’t have to be perfect. You are simply providing information to consumers. You are not looking to develop something that may garner awards or be used in a national broadcast. Most podcasts are more organic than that. These podcasts are simply a heart to heart conversation with those who may be downloading. This type of podcast may be something similar to face-to-face conversations customers much like a brick and mortar storefront. The biggest difference is you only have to say what you need to say once. You may discover you have no interest in podcasting, but you may never realize the full potential of this medium if you don’t try. A small investment may be all it takes to convince you that podcasting is a good fit for your marketing objectives.

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