Security – Welcoming The Skeptic

It is estimated that three out of every five people you meet will have never purchased anything online. This means that only 40% of the population is online consumers. For some, the lack of response can be tied to not having or wanting adequate knowledge to complete an online purchase. These consumers are happy visiting brick and mortar stores and see no use in transferring funds electronically to someone they don’t know. One of the primary reasons for a reduction in online sales is that many consumers are fearful they may be unwittingly placing their financial status at risk if they make an online purchase. The reason for their fear is understandable. After all, we regularly hear of identity theft, spam and fraud. The feeling is that if no purchases are ever made online this is simply another security measure that will safeguard their family. There has been a significant amount of security tools that are available for online business to allow safe online transactions. One of the issues many online businesses report is the despair they feel when they discover how many online visitors spend time shopping and then simply abandon the shopping cart. They never make it to the point of sale. Something frightened them away and chances are strong that they felt that because they had no previous dealings with your company that to complete the purchase might be a risk. Reports indicate that conversation rates go up when security measures are prominently featured. This includes encryption systems that protect data as well as strict assurances that customers personal data will never be sold, given or lent to any third party. Prior to the Do Not Call registry Americans were inundated with inbound phone calls and, as unfortunate as it may be, consumers are less forgiving in virtually all areas of product consumption today because of telemarketing. It is true there is expense involved in the implementation of security measures, but if you could realize a conversation rate of even 5% wouldn’t that more than pay for the costs associated with providing your customers with yet another reason to trust your online store? The growth of ecommerce is increasing every year and in many cases is outpacing traditional storefronts, but there is still a large segment of the population that has yet to make an online purchase. What can you do to welcome these customers and then prove to them that your business really can be trusted to provide the safest environment for their first online purchase?

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