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Today, with the help of the internet, shopaholics can satisfy their insatiable need to shop at the comfort of their own home. No more running to the mall during sample sales, midnight sales and mall-wide sales. It also means that you don’t need to spend for gas or for snacks after hours of scouring the boutiques for good finds. Instant savings and not to mention more cash to burn for shopping! For added savings, try surfing the internet for websites that sell second-hand items. These are usually found on auction web pages. If you have never tried bidding, then you are definitely missing out! Some sellers even sell brand new items with you naming your price! But since you are new to this biz, here are some information that you will need to get you started. 1. An auction site is mere medium for transaction between bidders and sellers. They do not sell the items. Also you have to sign up for an account before you can start bidding. In order to sign up for an account, you will need an email address. Having an email address helps to notify you in case you won the item or not. 2. Trust your instincts. This means that if you are in doubt, then don’t. Some items have fixed-prices which are just too low to be true. They usually are. Double-check pictures and read carefully the descriptions of the item to make a sound judgment and to help you decide whether to bid or not. You could also ask the seller further descriptions if you’re not satisfied. 3. Don’t be a victim of fraud. Communicate with the seller. If his replies are so brief, ditch him then. He should sound interested in your purchase and should answer your questions in a very comprehensive manner. Beware of sellers who offer you things outside the auction site. This could be a dangerous scheme. 4. Check if other sellers are selling the same item. If they are, favor the ones that are located near you. This should save you from more expenses, like shipments and such. Also make sure that the item you are bidding on is not available brand new at the local stores, or else, you could lose the chance of owning a warranty. Most items being auctioned don’t include a warranty. 5. Choosing a trustworthy seller is hard. But to make it easier, feedbacks could be found at the seller’s profile. There you can see how other bidders see him. After making a successful transaction, you could also type in your own experience to promote the seller to other bidders.

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