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If you are resident of the UK or you are looking to set up business that is targeted specifically to that country, you might find yourself at a bit of a loss when it comes to internet marketing. A lot of internet marketing is so very general that it might be useless to you. This is especially true if your business’s website is strongly tied to a physical location. However, if you live in the UK, there are many website promotions and internet marketing techniques that you can use to help make sure that the business you get is local. Have you ever started chatting online with someone and discovered that they can’t use your business because you reside in different countries? One way to stop having that conversation is to make sure that you advertise on UK websites. To get even more specific, see if there are sites that are specific to your own town. Many towns will keep an updated list of local shops and entertainments, so make sure that your information goes up there. This is often how newcomers become acquainted with their new homes, and it is definitely one way that you can find locals who may not be aware that you exist. When you are looking for marketing strategies that are dependent on geography, remember to make sure that you put your site up in places that are specific to the area you are interested in. For instance, exclusively lists a wide variety of UK websites sorted by category. One way to draw geographically relevant traffic to your site is to simply say so on the page. A brief statement listing the areas that are close to you, or that you are willing to travel to, depending on your business is one good way to clear up any confusion. Furthermore, including the names of the some of the towns nearby can also help when people are searching for your services. For instance, say that your business is buying and selling books. If you are willing to travel to other cities, include a sentence saying something like, “Willing to travel to Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool.” This way, when someone looks up “Liverpool bookseller,” your information will show up. Another way to make sure that you get business that is located locally, you will want to make sure that you put your site up on directories that are specifically targeted towards a European or United Kingdom audience. Article directories are one thing that you can try, and although it might go without saying for most people, some interested parties might only be marketing to the UK and need to be reminded to use UK English. Many words are spelled and used differently and this can affect everything from how much traffic you get to how badly you offend a browser! Also keep in mind that just because you are marketing to a UK audience doesn’t meant they’ll necessarily be looking on specifically UK sites. Remember that having a wide variety of links that lead back to your service isn’t a bad thing. Just remember to keep your ads and your articles specific and state up front where and how you operate.

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