Speed Up Your Article Submission Process – 3 Simple Techniques

You’ve written your articles and now you’re ready to start submitting them to article directories. If you’ve never submitted an article before, you’ll quickly find that it can be a very time consuming process. To help you get on the straight path to efficiency, I’ve outlined 3 simple techniques: 1) Don’t submit to every article directory Submitting to every possible article directory not only takes huge amounts of time but might also not be doing your website any good. To find the best article directories, look for those that have been around for a few years. Query search engines to see how many articles have been indexed for each article directory; the more the better. I recommend you submit to no more that a dozen article directories when you’re starting out. Remember Pareto’s 80/20 rule; 20% of the article directories will give you 80% of the traffic. Don’t waste your time on newer and/or smaller directories 2) Use submission software when possible I use a semi-automated piece of software that a programmer developed for me. The software inputs my article title, article body, and resource box automatically into the correct text boxes on each directory site. It cut my submission time by 75%. You don’t need custom software to do this, though. There are several article submission software products available online. You’ll need to do a little research to find out which one will work best for you. A word of caution, though. Some software will allow you to submit your articles automatically, meaning the software will fill in your information and post automatically. I don’t recommend this because 1) it’s hit or miss on category placement and 2) if something does go wrong, it will go wrong everywhere. I’ve tested article posting software before and it never, not one time, got the category right. I can guarantee that most good article directories will reject your article if it’s not in the right category. Also, if you make a mistake, like forgetting to add an anchor tag in your resource box, you’ll have to go back and change every article you submitted. Even with a semi-dedicated approach, you’ll save a bundle of time. And it will actually be fun instead of cumbersome. 3) Outsource Another option is have someone else do it. You can either train someone or hire someone who has done it before. I recommend posting a project to elance.com or getafreelancer.com specifically for the task of submitting articles to directories. You shouldn’t have to pay more than 50 cents per submission, probably much less. Look at service provider feedback and make sure they’ve actually completed article submissions in the past. It’s not hard but it does require attention to detail. In short, make sure you do a test run beforehand. You don’t want to have to clean up someone else’s mistakes. If you take advantage of these 3 article submission efficiency techniques, you will increase your article writing production immensely. Your next task is to speed up your article writing. You’ll be well on your way to getting the traffic you’re desperately seeking. And, you might actually have fun!

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