Value Your Time

Love to meet you! You are in a minority alone. There is no way you can accomplish everything you need to do in one day. There are many people that stay frustrated , just because they can’t get everything done in just in one day that they need done. There are many that fall into this category, so here are some important tips for you. If you have self management, then at sometime in your life you practiced time management. Without time management , you are capable of losing a lot of valuable time. It is important to research your life and job performance, to identify your ways of wasting time. When you stop and think about your day, you will find many there are many occurrences during your day that causes you to waste time. How many times do you have to stop your daily routine to answer that telephone; have unaccepted visitors; get fatigued; or stress out? There may be days when you attempt your daily task without all the proper information to perform the job. You may find that you truly didn’t understand the communication between you and your authority. Poor panning may have been involved. It is not uncommon to have some major set backs due to unknown objectives when dealing with a group or team. Learn to be prepared to put out the fire , before it occurs and causes you much valuable time. This is better known as crisis management. Telephones are great to have , but it can also be your worse enemy. Telephones can cause you to loose out on a lot of valuable time. It is your place to learn how to control that telephone. Know your priorities. If you know actually what you desire to accomplish in a day, you are better qualified to reaching your goals.Only take on what you know you can handle in a day. This helps to prevent becoming overwhelmed and accomplishing even less. There is nothing wrong with knowing your limits. Limit your drop in visitors. If you have family or peers that just love to drop in without notice, this can truly add up in wasted time. It is time for you to learn how to handle these interruptions effectively.Keep an organized desk. Limit your daily stress. Stop putting things off. This can cause you to waste a great deal of time. Whether your decision is right or wrong , at least you have avoided putting it off.Learn to stand up for yourself. Don’t let others dump on you. Don’t worry about the feelings of the ones trying to use you. Meetings are real time wasters.Take notes on when you are the most productive, and when you are just wasting time. Learn to make changes. Your goals are important if you are to achieve them. You should have a plan that when broke down into weekly; monthly; yearly; or daily goals , they can be achieved. This will help you to stay focused.

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