Why Won’t He/She Just Listen?

While the title may have captured your attention, understand that I am male, so I write like a man. Besides that, it’s my story. My political correctives ends with the title so consider yourself warned. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. After spending the last eight years on the road selling food door to door, I could finally see a way out. This was the answer, the ticket to our freedom and the key to our dreams. I went to the free seminar, met some good people, signed up and couldn’t wait to get started. my biggest fear, however, was telling my wife just how much I had invested in our future. See, we had just refinanced our house to pay off other bills. Needless to say, it was pretty ugly – she broke down in tears. They were not tears of joy. I knew she would understand eventually. “Hear, just listen to this CD, it explains everything.” Listening to the CD’s wasn’t on her mind for the first few weeks. I knew that I had my work cut out for me so I got busy. By the end of the first three months I had recouped all our initial investment. She had seen the wheels in motion but still wasn’t convinced. I had quit my job and was doing the business full time. I had repeatedly and relentlessly explained to her that if she would quit her fob and work with me full time, that we could easily triple our profits. That dog didn’t hunt. She saw the income potential but still needed convincing that this was a real business. It was time to move on to plan “B”. I started rigging booby traps. I would strategically replace her reading materials with my positive information. My CD’s would be in her car with no others available. After a few months my persistence had paid off. She had agreed to go with me to one of my meetings. That was the ticket, finally, she saw the light. All my words and schemes could only go so far, but when I placed her around others that were successful in the business, it all started to take a hold. If my story is all too familiar to you, just remember to let your decisive actions speak louder than your words. By watching you grow, they will also. The checks don’t lie so let them do your talking. Get them involved at their own pace and around others in the business that are more successful than you. Today, we are working together, a little to close sometimes. She still tells me that I have an annoying habit of “hovering” over her. I prefer to call it “positive instruction”. Our experiences in entrepreneurship are new to both of us – sometimes unexpected, sometimes exciting, but never boring. So all of you disgruntled spouses out there take heart. Your loved ones will come around eventually when they understand that your commitment to grow is for their benefit as well. Above all, it will be you’re actions, not your lip service, that draws them in. just remember, when you change your world, it may take a little convincing to make your loved ones a part of it.

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