Using The Lsi Formula For Improved Search Engine Rankings

At one point better search engine rankings was entirely up to just building links. These links were the “holy grail” of improving your search engine placement. Web site promotion was simply about getting links and pointing them to your web site. If you are doing this strategy you may feel calm and confident about your web site. If so, now is the time to start taking some action because if you do not change the way you are optimizing a web site you will be feeling the Google Bomb on the next update. Let me explain, a little personal experience that may help you. Back during the 2002 era of search engine optimization many web site promotion firms were looking to gather links and simply continue to gather more and more. Although, this was the method at the time and the best strategy to improve search engine placement a lot of energy was put into these optimizations. Then a google bomb happened. What is a google bomb, well this was a statement which was created in the SEO arena because a lot of companies were just building garbage links. The linking strategies were perfect for 2002, but not perfect for the new update. So as our team kept building links the 2002 way all of a sudden… WHACK!!!! Our rankings were getting killed on our testing sites. We seen dramatic drops in rankings. Some of our colleagues were just slammed just like the dot com boom. Why was this happening? How could this happen, we were following the right practices of google. This happened due to something called LSI, latent semantic indexing. While researching an article about LSI in Google’s patent you would come to find that links must theme related and it would benefit your rankings if you used different synonyms in articles. While MSN Live Search and Yahoo are a little behind this implementation it is wise to understand how to create high quality articles that help improve search engine placement. The fact of the matter is when increasing your search rankings you simply need to think of long term success. To optimize a web site for the future, you will want to create high quality articles and content. Setting you as a resource or leading expert in the industry you are writing about. What most business owners may not understand in search engine optimization is that your site must be unique and a resource that increases the experience of the visitor. As a professional search engine optimization company, you learn that no matter what the business there is always something that can help increase users experience. Better search engine placement is about increasing the user experience on the web site, optimizing the site structure, researching key phrases and web analytics. Get started to Improve search engine rank using professional web site promotion services or learn from a leading expert using Monopolizing Marketing SEO training system which is currently free.

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