Traffic Building – Click A Friend

Being a smart online business owner you have worked hard to make sure your site is search engine friendly, attractive to customers and is easy to navigate. You’ve also made sure there is some semblance of clean white space so your site doesn’t come across as too busy. In fact you are happy with the way your site is being received. You’ve been working at traffic building and all statistics indicate traffic has increased. You’ve provided freebies for your visitors that sign up and you make sure there are many knowledge-based articles that can assist visitors in understanding your site better. The truth is you have followed virtually every bit of good advice there is on traffic building and may even be certain there isn’t much more you could do to improve on the progress you have made. The good news is if you are involved in traffic building there is one more way to enhance visitation that you may not already be implementing. This technique is as close to word of mouth advertising as possible – Refer a Friend. What better way to grow your online presence than to have motivated visitors personally invite their friends and family to visit. This technique works for memberships as well as knowledge-based content, photos and product lines. If a customer finds what you have to offer worthwhile they might also know someone who could use what you have to offer. This is where your online visitors can become highly personal advocates of your site. You can also take this same idea and allow your site visitor to simply click on a link on the page to have that page added to their favorites list. This keeps your site in front of them whenever they visit their favorites page. These are both very simple ideas that are easy to implement. In fact, these ideas may seem so simple they may not appear worthy of your attention. However, the simple addition of these links really can do wonders for your traffic building strategies. When your favorite sports team plays well you want to share it with others who are also fans (and maybe even a few who aren’t). When your son or daughter does well in school you want to share the joy. When you find information you think is helpful you want to share it with others. This is the idea behind friend referrals in traffic building. Develop a hands-free web-form that allows your customers to tell others about you. They are likely to convince their friends to visit much more quickly than you will anyway.

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