What Do People Really Desire In A Home Business?

I was recently reading another article where the author was commenting on work at home businesses and direct sales companies. Some of the information was good, the part I felt compelled to comment on was where they commented on what they consider the best network marketing company an obviously the one they were apart of. As a veteran of over 12 years – most of that full time I know a little bit about marketing, internet marketing and network marketing. The author of the article spoke from his perspective and not the perspective of potential prospects. First let me say I’m not here to comment on the particular company he mentioned – it may be a very good company. To do so is to miss the whole point and is an argument that can’t be won. It’s like two 7 year old kids in a sandbox arguing whose father is the strongest. Instead I simply want to educate you based on what you the prospect are most likely looking for and presenting you a set of criteria for which you can now use to evaluate what company or opportunity is truly best for yourself. First in a nutshell here is what most people are looking for in network marketing or for that matter any home business. People want an excellent product that is effective for a variety of reasons we can discuss sometime in the future. Next they want to earn the highest rewards for their efforts, in the quickest way possible and in a legal way. Most people expect to work for their rewards, but they do want the highest possible results from their efforts. And with the absolute smallest risk they can take, so the income they produce flows in at the highest ceiling possible for the longest time in a residually true fashion. Let me put a question to you, can you think of one person you know that would be against the above mentioned business model? The prospect is looking for ways to generate income. It now becomes the task of the marketing executive (you) to avail information on why your company and plan work and are the superior way to go to help someone get started in business marketing to accomplish those goals mentioned above. And to, also help people copy this plan, to guarantee their achieving success.

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